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Talleo (TLO)



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45.8 TLO

Last reward



Current Diff
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24h AVG Diff
24h AVG Diff
Talleo Rewards TLO 35,652 37,741 24,337 170,357 730,101
Revenue BTC 0 0 0 0 0
Revenue USD $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Current Diff
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24h AVG Diff
24h AVG Diff
24h AVG Diff
Talleo TLO Blocks 778 823 531 3717 15932
Rewards TLO 35,648 37,710 24,332 170,327 730,065
Revenue USD $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Talleo mining pools
Pool Name Merged Fee % Min Pay Miners Mh/s Status 0 1 0 0 1 hour ago 0.5 1 0 0 36 min ago 0.5 0.01 5 0.0071 22 min ago 0.5 10 5 0.072 1 min ago
Currently unknown

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Talleo is cryptocurrency with low fees and fast block times. Talleo is one of the first CryptoNote-based cryptocurrencies since original ForkNote technology to require minimum number of transactions in new blocks after certain block height.

AnnouncedOct 2019
Forked from TRTL
Hashing algoCN Turtle
Block time60 sec
Decimal places2
Last reward45.8
Current height1,653,777
Historical dataJSON
CN Turtle04. Dec 2019
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Total supply: 300 million 
Premine: 15 million 
- 6 million for swap from Bittorium (BTOR)
- 3.5 million for miner rewards in testnet
- 5.5 million for coin administration

What is Talleo?

Talleo is a cryptocurrency based on Bytecoin, reference coin of CryptoNote technology. Talleo has so far included code from other cryptocurrencies including Monero, TurtleCoin, Intense Coin, Iridium, Graft Project, B2B Coin, PinkstarCoin and Bittorium. 

Talleo as a cryptocurrency is maintained by independent team called Talleo Project. The team will ultimately decide what future choices will be made and what features will be added in the future. Talleo is abbreviated as TLO, and the abbreviation is also used as the ticker when trading Talleo on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Main goal of Talleo is to combine code from other coins and to share code with coins using same base codebase. Talleo doesn't try to copy other coins, it will introduce own code to improve where other cryptocurrencies have failed or didn't succeed as intended by either original or Talleo team.

How is Talleo funded?

Main funding of Talleo Project is from premine of 15 million coins. Additional funding can come from possible user donations using other cryptocurrencies. 

Premine will be used for administrative costs including listing fees for exchanges, any compensation paid to team members or people who contribute to the project, including for example graphics designers, people testing the code, and people willing to pay exchange listing fees. Reward is promised to any person who finds a major bug in the codebase that has not been reported before. Reward is also paid to contributor that sends a patch that either fixes a major bug or adds a major feature that is listed on roadmap for next release. If two or more users send competing or cumulative patches, the user whose patch gets merged in with the least number of changes will get the reward.

Administrative costs also include a maximum of 6 million coins that will be used for 1:10 swap from Bittorium. Bittorium is direct immediate ancestor of Talleo and for every 0.10 BTOR sent, each user is given 0.01 TLO in exchange when the BTOR amount is sent to wallet maintained by Talleo Project and the transfer is confirmed on network and verified by the development team.

How is Talleo different?

Talleo uses mining algorithm that is based on original mining algorithm all cryptocurrencies starting from Bytecoin has used. However it is modified to work best with CPU mining, instead of GPU, FPGA, or ASIC devices. When Talleo network was launched, no other cryptocurrency used exactly the same version of algorithm, so Talleo network is safer from 51% attacks than other coins.

At block height 10000, Talleo introduced what was originally designed in first major version of ForkNote technology. ForkNote was base codebase for most first generation CryptoNote coins derived from original Bytecoin codebase. ForkNote incorporated features that can be enabled or disabled at the choice of individual coin teams. ForkNote made it very easy for novice developers to start their own coins. When Talleo switched to block version 3 at block height 10000, the daemon started to require new blocks to have at least one transaction, either between two wallets, or fusion transaction to fuse small inputs as larger ones.

Talleo does not have coin dust. Coin dust is wallet balance that is composed of inputs less than the smallest amount of atomic units that can be sent to other wallets. Talleo uses two decimals, which means one atomic unit is 0.01 TLO.

How can Talleo be used?

From the very beginning, focus of Talleo has been easy integration with websites. This is not much different than what other coins have done many times before. Talleo does however have two advantages, it has the lowest possible fees and the time between blocks is optimized for fast confirmation of transactions. The time between blocks is not the shortest possible as that would mean there is very little time to add new transactions to blocks that miners are currently trying to secure.

Reference code for integrations will be both the code for Talleo's web wallet and sample integration with WooCommerce payment gateway. WooCommerce integration is common with many cryptocurrencies and that makes it a good choice as a starting point.

How can Talleo be improved?

Talleo development will not stop to initial release of its codebase. New code will be constantly added by development team from contributions from the team itself, from users, or patches from other coins using the same or compatible codebase. Development team will have internal discussions every month to make a list of features that could be added to the codebase and eventually choose from features that are possible to implement before next release.


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