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Cryptonight GPU

gpu Mining Algo Overview & Stats
Hashrate: 5.33 Mh/s
Coins: 3
Pools: 21
Miners: 1,910
Device h/s
3090 4,600
3080 3,700
2080Ti 3,100
3070 2,900
3060Ti 2,850
2080 2,600
1080Ti 2,200
2070 1,850
Vega64 1,800
Frontier 1,800
1080 1,700

Coins currently using Cryptonight GPU algo

Coin Hashrate Mh/s Miners Pools

Coins previously used this algo

Coin Fork date Current algo

Short info about Cryptonight GPU algo

CN GPU algo is a unique type of Cryptonight, designed from scratch. So its behavior is different from other Cryptonight algos.

It is core oriented algo, that depends on FP32 capability of chip (core count * core clock). There is no difference in memory type or speed or amount (or flashing timings) on device. If you take, for example 2 identical chips with identical clock/core count and have 4 and 8 and 16 gigs of ram - hashrate will be nearly identical (compare fp32 of vega and rx 550-2 and hashrate).

Miners supporting Cryptonight GPU algo

Miner Supported OS
BLOC GUI Miner Windows, Linux, MacOS
SRBMiner Multi Windows
CryptoDredge Windows, Linux
SRBMiner Windows
XMRigCC AMD Windows, Linux
XMR Stak Windows, Linux, MacOS
XMRig AMD Windows, Linux
XMRig Nvidia Windows, Linux
CryptoGoblin Windows, Linux, MacOS
JCE CPU Miner Windows, Linux
JCE CPU GPU Miner Windows
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