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Cryptocurrency miner
Nvidia GPU
Intel CPU
Algo Coins
Cryptonight V71
Cryptonight Lite V73
Cryptonight Heavy2
Cryptonight Haven1
Cryptonight Alloy1
Cryptonight WebChain1
Cryptonight Upx2
Cryptonight Turtle9
Cryptonight Fast V21
Cryptonight GPU3
Cryptonight Conceal2
Cryptonight R1
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CryptoGoblin details

CryptoGoblin is a greedy mining goblin that will push the cpu to get as many hashes as possible, if you believe in cpu-rights, then this might not be the mining tool for you.
CryptoGoblin was forked from xmr-stak in early 2017, it utilizes several GCC compiler-specific tweaks and many other (medium, small, minor and micro) optimizations to get the most speed out of your cpu. CryptoGoblin can also be compiled using MSVC, but several of the optimizations will not be activated.

Installation and Configuration

If you are using Windows, download the pre-compiled windows binaries, or compile them yourself.
If you are using Linux, MacOS, BSD or similar, you need to compile them yourself.

After you have compiled or downloaded the executables, just run the miner without any configuration files, and it will help you generate the config files. After that, you can optionally tune your configuration.


Dev fee mining is set to 1.5%, and part of it goes to xmr-stak authors.

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