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GRAFT Blockchain enables using any cryptocurrency at the Point of Sale. Natively. Graft is a global, open-sourced, blockchain-based, decentralized payment gateway and processing platform that anyone can use. Any buyer and merchant can use Graft in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way. Graft ecosystem is open, so anyone can participate by maintaining Graft blockchain and implementing network services. 

AMD Vega56 2,000 h/s AMD Vega64 2,000 h/s AMD Frontier 2,000 h/s AMD EPYC 7501 1,700 h/s AMD EPYC 7551 1,700 h/s AMD EPYC 7601 1,700 h/s

Graft mining pools

Pool name Merged Fee % Pay Min Mh/s N/A 0.77 50 0 0 Active 23 min ago Visit pool N/A 0 10 0 0 Error 7 min ago Visit pool N/A 0 10 0 0 Active 14 min ago Visit pool
Semipool N/A pplns 0 1 1 0.00024 Active 32 min ago Visit pool N/A 0.1 25 2 0.00088 Active 23 min ago Visit pool N/A pplns 0.1solo 1 10 1 0.0027 Active 17 min ago Visit pool
Miner Rocks N/A 0.9 10 14 0.009 Active 23 min ago Visit pool N/A pplns 0.1 10 3 0.014 Active 20 min ago Visit pool
Cryptoknight N/A 0 5 17 0.025 Active 5 min ago Visit pool
Herominers N/A 0.9 10 2 0.049 Active 32 min ago Visit pool N/A 0.4 10 22 0.095 Active 5 min ago Visit pool
Hashvault N/A pplns 0.9 25 117 0.51 Active 17 min ago Visit pool
Cryptopool Space N/A pplns 0.4solo 1.5 10 19 2.89 Active 17 min ago Visit pool
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Graft markets

Name Pair 24h GRFT 24h USD % Last check
Hotbit Hotbit GRFT/BTC 28,379,912 30,185
2 hour ago
TOKOK TOKOK GRFT/ETH 1,274,369 1,306
2 hour ago
TradeOgre TradeOgre GRFT/BTC 1,316,762 1,211
2 hour ago
1 day ago
1 day ago

Graft details

Blockchain: CryptoNote
Block  Reward: recalculated every block 
Difficulty : recalculated every block
Maximum supply: 1,844,674,400
Transaction confirmation: instant
Supernode Proof: PoW + PoS

White paper 3.00 (oct 2018)
White paper 2.01 (may 2018)

What is Graft?

Graft is a global, open-sourced, blockchain-based, decentralized payment gateway and processing platform that anyone can use. Any buyer and merchant can use Graft in a completely decentralized and inexpensive way. Graft ecosystem is open, so anyone can participate by maintaining Graft blockchain and implementing network services. Graft employs payment processing protocols and flows similar to traditional electronic payment systems such as credit, debit, and prepaid cards, which are already familiar to and trusted by millions of users and merchants around the world. This approach enables easier and faster adoption of Graft as a mainstream payment platform, while eliminating the need in centralized intermediaries (payment gateways and processors) currently required to facilitate transactions between buyers and merchants.

GRAFT is short for Global Real-time Authorizations and Fund Transfers, but also represents grafting of the new into the old.

GRAFT Blockchain is built on the idea that the payment industry can benefit tremendously from the democratization brought forward by the blockchain technology, but only when the right technologies are chosen and combined with the accepted industry workflows and systems.

When done correctly, this transition to blockchain-based payments will lead to radically improved credit/debit payment system through the combination of lower transaction fees, tight privacy controls, low rates on credit balances, and connected extra services.

GRAFT Blockchain is a socially responsible organization, introduces a decentralized, real-time payment processor and services platform into the global market covering a wide variety of credit and debit payment use cases.

GRAFT software that is not subjecto to shared intellectual property (IP) or under an NDA is under an open source license. GRAFT Foundation is a non-for-profit entity, and we intend to operate as such unless we’re forced to change status by the governing laws of the land.


We believe a Blockchain like GRAFT can have a far reaching social and economic impact, removing friction from the systems and enabling new use cases. To provide a few examples:

- Many new merchants (especially small businesses) able to offer electronic payments
- Underbanked consumers able to get a credit facility and pay electronically
- Consumers able to save on variety of fees such as international transaction fees
- Businesses that conventional banks won’t underwrite able to offer credit and electronic payments
- Consumers benefitting from significantly lower credit card borrowing costs resulting from peer lending


Free Funds Transfers Between Wallets
Neither sender nor receiver pays any fee for limited number of low priority slow funds transfers between wallets.

Universal Mobile Wallet App
The Mobile Wallet user can pay using various cryptocurrencies or credit cards.

Spending Card
The Mobile Wallet user can pay everywhere using traditional debit card associated with multi cryptocurrency wallet.

Crowdfunded Credit
The Mobile Wallet user can instantly request a crowdfunded “credit line”. No credit history checks.

Absolute Privacy
CryptoNote protocol ensures full untraceability, unlinkability, and fungibility of Graft blockchain, where sender address, recipient address, and transaction amount are cryptographically protected and “invisible”. On top of that, Graft adds “one more thing”: it makes even transaction fees invisible to public view.

Zero Knowledge Proof Identity Verification
Some features such as free transfers or crowdfunded credit require user identification and authentication. Zero knowledge proof technology allows users to authenticate without compromising their privacy.  

Benefits for Merchants (Recipients)

Real Time Authorizations (Instant Confirmations) 
Transactions are confirmed instantly, within hundreds milliseconds to a few seconds, which enables normal in-store and online checkout process.  

Low Transaction Fees
Fees are charged to merchant to increase buyers conversion rates; those fees are symbolic which enables micropayments.

Special Transaction Types and Smart Contracts
Graft Point of Sale apps support multiple transactions types that are unusual for cryptocurrency. For example pre-authorization and capture that are necessary for ticket booking, hotel check-in, or gas station payment. Schedule or Escrow transactions, which are essentially pre-programmed configurable smart contracts, can help businesses set up periodic remittance and subscriptions.

Free Point of Sale App Accepts All Payment Methods
Free Mobile Point of Sale app accepts various cryptocurrencies and credit/debit cards, which eliminates the need to maintain multiple point of sale apps and wallets.

Merchant Payouts in Local Fiat Currency
Transaction are settled in real time and payouts can be received in local local currency.

Authenticated Buyers
Buyers can confirm their identity in order to unlock some special transaction types which require age verification, for example.  

Benefits for Supernode Owners (Miners)

Block Rewards
Supernode owners receive block rewards. Transaction fees are paid for real time authorizations.

Hosting Service Brokers
Supernode owners receive a share of transaction and service fees charged by service brokers

Authenticated transfer fee: 0
Micropayment fee (less than 10 GRAFT): 0.1% of Tx amount (charged to recipient)
Payment fee (10 GRAFT and more): log1000 (Tx amount) (charged to recipient)

AnnouncedAug 2017
Forked from XMR
Block time120 sec
Last reward541
Current height440419
Graft Algo Changes
CN17. Feb 2018
CN V718. Apr 2018
CN V802. Nov 2018
CN Graft09. Mar 2019
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