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rX Mining Algo Overview & Stats
Hashrate: 3,943 Mh/s
Coins: 7
Pools: 44
Miners: 30,465
Device h/s
EPYC 7501 11,900
EPYC 7551 11,900
EPYC 7601 11,900
EPYC 7451 11,340
EPYC 7401 11,130
EPYC 7351P 9,800
EPYC 7301 9,100
Xeon Pl 8180 8,890
Xeon 8180 8,750
Ryzen T 1950X 8,527
Xeon Gold 6148F 8,000

Coins currently using RandomX algo

Coin Hashrate Mh/s Miners Pools

Coins previously used this algo

Coin Fork date Current algo

Short info about RandomX algo

RandomX is designed to be CPU-centric. CPUs are the most distributed computing resource in the world, according to Howard Chu (RandomX developer), who stated:

"Practically everyone in the world now has a smartphone in their pocket with a CPU and memory that’s capable of mining RandomX".

The goal is to decentralize mining as much as possible, which is why the Proof of Work RandomX will favour CPUs over ASICs for at least the next three to five years, according to Chu.

What about GPUs?

With the activation of RandomX, Chu expects CPUs to be at least three times more powerful than GPUs when mining coins.

RandomX Modes

RandomX has two modes with different memory requirements and performance. Fast Mode requires 2GB of shared memory but has 4x-6x the performance of Light Mode which only requires 256MB of RAM. Fast mode is intended for dedicated miners. Light mode is designed to allow fullnodes to validate blocks without requiring the 2+GB of RAM, so that small devices (like ARM single-board computers, e.g. Rock64) can still be used as standalone nodes.


Miners supporting RandomX algo

Miner Supported OS
SRBMiner Multi Windows, Linux
XMR STAK RX Windows, Linux
XMR Stak Windows, Linux, MacOS
XMRig CPU Windows, Linux
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