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ParsiCoin (PARS)



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9.18 PARS

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ParsiCoin Rewards PARS 754 704 763 5,343 22,898
Revenue BTC 0 0 0 0 0
Revenue USD $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
ParsiCoin mining pools
Pool Name Merged Fee % Min Pay Miners Mh/s Status
Parsicoin.net 0.1 2 0 0 6 min ago
My-mining-pool.de 0 1 0 0 6 min ago
Ms-pool.net.ua 0.5 1 0 0 13 min ago
Pool-pay.com 0 1 3 0.017 59 sec ago
ParsiCoin markets
Currently unknown

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ParsiCoin (PARS) is a Secure CryptoCurrency with a Fully Decentralized Peer-to-Peer network. ParsiCoin BlockChain is fully Encrypted and Scan Resistant, so all transactions are Untraceable. ParsiCoin uses a ASIC-Resistant Proof of Work Mining Algorithm and it will be Updated using Hard Forks to keep ASICs away.

AnnouncedFeb 2018
Forked from BCN
Hashing algoCN V7
Block time120 sec
Decimal places12
Last reward9.18
Current height252,916
Historical dataJSON
CN V720. Jan 2019
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Total supply: 8,589,869,056 PARS
Pre-mine : 2%

The network, Transactions, Your Account, and ParsiCoin units are Cryptographically Protected. Only You Control Your Wallet. No one can Take Them Away from you or Deny Your Access, or Restrict your Freedom to Dispose of Your Coins. You can send them to anyone, anywhere in the world anytime.

Everyone can Participate in the Issue of ParsiCoins (mining) with a Regular Personal Computer. An Expensive, Specialized Equipment is not Required for Mining. You can Download a ParsiCoin wallet or Use our Client Side Secure Online Wallet free of charge.

ParsiCoin Features You Will Love


ParsiCoin is a MultiPlatform Software Prebuild Binaries are available for windows, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X & FreeBSD, but you can compile it for other Platforms as Well.


ParsiCoin is a Decentralized Open Source Project, Released Under the GPL license, Anyone can Take a Part in Development Process. Source Code is Available on GitHub.


Untraceable truly anonymous ParsiCoin Transactions and Encrypted Information Transfers in Decentralized P2P Network so All of Your Transactions are Unlinkable.


The Anonymity of Payments Without the Ability to Track Them and Resistance to the BlockChain Analysis is Provided by CryptoNote Technology and Privacy is Mandatory for All Operations.


ParsiCoin is a Decentralized Peer to Peer Exchange Network and Medium, that does not have Centralized Management or Issuer and Ensures Privacy and Anonymity of Operations without Intermediaries and Regulators.

ASIC Resistant

ASIC Resistance Mining Means ParsiCoin is more Fairly Distributed Because there is no Centralization of mining due to ASICs Bumping out the CPU/GPU Miners.

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TOP PARS Mining Devices
PandaMiner B3 Mute 5,520 h/s
PandaMiner B3 Pro 4G 5,520 h/s
PandaMiner B3 Pro 8G 5,520 h/s
AMD Vega56 2,000 h/s
AMD Vega64 2,000 h/s
AMD Frontier 2,000 h/s
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