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Cryptocurrency miner
Intel CPU
Algo Coins
Cryptonight V71
Cryptonight Lite V74
Cryptonight Heavy2
Cryptonight Haven1
Cryptonight Alloy1
Cryptonight WebChain1
Cryptonight Upx2
Cryptonight Turtle10
Cryptonight Fast V21
Cryptonight Conceal2
Cryptonight R1
Argon2 Chukwa6
Cryptonight Zum1
Random ARQ4
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XMRigCC CPU details

XMRigCC is a fork of XMRig which adds the ability to remote control your XMRig instances via a Webfrontend and REST api. This fork is based on XMRig and adds a "Command and Control" (C&C) server, a daemon to reload XMRigCCMiner on config changes and modifications in XMRig to send the current status to the C&C Server. The modified version can also handle commands like "update config", "start/stop mining" or "restart/shutdown" which can be send from the C&C-Server.

This is the CPU variant of XMRigCC, if you're looking for the AMD GPU (OpenCL) variant click here.

Full Windows/Linux compatible, and you can mix Linux and Windows miner on one XMRigCCServer.

Additional features

- Full SSL/TLS support for the whole communication
    XMRigCCServer Dashboard Browser
    XMRigCCServer XMRigMiner
    XMRigMiner Pool
- Command and control server
- CC Dashboard with
    statistics of all connected miners
    remote control miners (start/stop/restart/shutdown)
    remote configuration changes of miners
    simple config editor for miner / mass editor for multiple miners
    monitoring / offline notification
- Daemon around the miner to restart and apply config changes
- High optimized mining code (Benchmarks)
- Working CPU affinity for NUMA Cores or CPU's with lots of cores
- Multihash support (Double, Triple, Quadruple, Quituple)
- Configuration of multihash per thread
- Smarter automatic CPU configuration
- It's still open source software :D


Default donation 5% (5 minutes in 100 minutes) can be reduced to 1% via command line option --donate-level.

XMRigCC Daemon(miner)

XMRigCC Server

XMRigCC Dashboard

XMRigCC CPU Wallpapers, Banners, Covers
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