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K12 Mining Algo Overview & Stats
Hashrate: 1.24 TH/s
Coins: 1
Pools: 6
Miners: 54
Device MH/s
F1 Ultra 61,200
Vega56 962
Vega64 962
1080Ti 468
580 426
580 8Gb 426
570 416
480 379
470 343
1070 327
1080 301

Coins currently using Kangaroo12 algo

Coin Hashrate TH/s Miners Pools

Coins previously used this algo

Coin Fork date Current algo

Short info about Kangaroo12 algo

Kangaroo Twelve (K12) is one of the latest variants of Keccak pow.

Being easy to implement allows for maximum market competition between ASIC developers. This means that any manufacturer of an ASIC who believes there is a financial incentive to print a chip for K12 can do so without having to overcome complex hurdles increasing the cost of design and production.

K12 is more secure than sha256 used in Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash pow. Designers of SHA3 had more than 10 years to build off the sha256 pow, creating a lighter, more efficient, and more secure algorithm to replace SHA2 in case it ever failed. Some notes from the K12 technical paper show: “KangarooTwelve can be seen as a new member of the Keccak family. It inherits all the properties of the family such as suitability in hardware and resistance against side-channel attacks, but grew up with a strong focus on software performance and interoperability.”


“KangarooTwelve benefits immediately from the new SHA-3 hardware support recently introduced in the ARMv8.2 instruction set”. This shows that this will allow for increased POW performance on mobile devices since most current mobile devices use ARMv8 processors.

Miners supporting Kangaroo12 algo

Miner Supported OS
SRBMiner Multi Windows
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