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Farewell, Intense Coin, and hello, Lethean! Lethean, pronounced lee-thee-in, is based on the river Lethe in classical Greek mythology. The river caused souls that drank from it to forget their past. Our logo also represents the Helm of Hades, also known as the Helm of Invisibility. The Helm of Invisibility was said to make wearers become invisible to other supernatural entities, acting like a cloud of mist that the gods surround themselves in which makes them undetectable.


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Lethean mining pools

Please support smaller pools. Mine at small pool is better for the network (decentralization).

Pool name Miners Hashrate Mh/s % Status Last check
Intensecoin.com 3 0.00065
Active 22 min ago
West-pool.org 10 0.043
Active 19 min ago
Blockharbor.net 15 0.044
Active 13 min ago
Itnspool.net 15 0.049
Active 16 min ago
Intensecoin.net 18 0.069
Active 7 min ago
Cryptoknight 8 0.63
Error 3 min ago
Hashvault 145 0.72
Active 7 min ago

Lethean markets

Name Pair 24h LTHN 24h USD % Last check
Octaex Octaex ITNS/ETH 0 0
3 m ago
Octaex Octaex ITNS/BTC 571 3.75
3 m ago
TradeOgre TradeOgre ITNS/BTC 676,812 1,190
2 m ago
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