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uPlexa (UPX)


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uPlexa Rewards UPX 18,955 19,597 17,303 121,123 519,101
Revenue BTC 0.0000019 0.0000020 0.0000017 0.000012 0.000052
Revenue USD $0.11 $0.12 $0.1 $0.72 $3.09
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uPlexa UPX Blocks 12 12 11 78 336
Rewards UPX 18,558 18,558 16,986 120,445 518,838
Revenue USD $0.11 $0.11 $0.1 $0.72 $3.09
uPlexa mining pools
Pool Name Merged Fee % Min Pay Miners Mh/s Status 0.1 100 0 0 4 min ago 0.9 100 0 0 13 min ago 0.25 25 1 0.0046 4 min ago 0.9 100 11 0.25 16 min ago 0.9 400 33 0.52 13 min ago
Exchange Pair 24h UPX 24h USD Last check
TradeOgre TradeOgre UPX/LTC 618,720 $3.69 45 min ago


UPLEXA (you-plec-sa). Plexa (def) - To interlink multiple smaller threads to form one master thread. The uPlexa blockchain will be powered by the billions of untapped IoT devices currently in-use in our world.

AnnouncedNov -0001
Forked fromn/a
Hashing algoCN Upx
Block time120 sec
Decimal places2
Last reward1,546
Current height1,472,679
Historical dataJSON
CN Upx29. Dec 2018
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Name: uPlexa
Ticker: UPX
Coin Supply: 10,500,000,000
Airdrop Amount: 36,750,000
UPX Algorithm: Modified CryptoNight-Light Variant 1 (CryptoNight-UPX)
Premine Amount: 7% (For infrastructure, bounties, airdrops, exchanges, partnerships, and team growth)
Bulletproof Transactions
LWMA Difficulty Algorithm

English Whitepaper
Bulgarian Whitepaper
Czech Whitepaper
Chinese Whitepaper
French Whitepaper
Spanish Whitepaper

uPlexa Vision

Step 1: Creating a fungible IoT Mining Experience

uPlexa aims to utilize a portion of the 8.4+ Billion current IoT devices to power its network.
There will be over 20 Billion IoT devices deployed in the world by 2020. Source: ZDNet

At the core of uPlexa, is the functionality to mine blocks via IoT devices in order to power the network and process transactions.
uPlexa utilizes a modified version of the cryptonote algorithm in order to make IoT mining profitable whilst keeping out ASIC technology to avoid centralized mining.

Imagine, if every smart appliance in your household could pay for a partial amount of the electricity to run said devices by only tapping into a percentage of your unused resources? This means a lot in developing countries, especially in Southeast Asia where the devices are cheap(er) to obtain, but expensive to run.

It is not rare for an individual to spend upto 20% of their income on electricity in parts of Asia.

Step 2: Creating Platforms and Utility for Spending

Our vision is to create multiple platforms around uPlexa to compliment its swift, private, untracable and fungable objectives.
Our first platform will be focused on eCommerce ($22+ Trillion industry)

Users with uPlexa in their wallets will obviously want some type of utility. Thus, other than its amazingly secure & anonymous IoT features, we will be building & integrating an anonymous ecommerce platform around uPlexa.

Our team comes from a background in the eCommerce industry who have personally taken time to understand the positives and negatives of multiple eCommerce platforms in existance. Our goal will be to make a customizable eCommerce experience that not only supports cryptocurrencies and uPlexa in general, but one that is free to run until your store is profitable.

uPlexa will have an off-chain model labeled "NGZM" (Near-Zero Congestion Model) in-which provides an API to businesses and webmasters in order to process off-chain transactions via users credited uPlexa coins.

Step 3: Establish Partnerships for Anonymous Service Payments

Another one of many uPlexa goals, is to esablish partnerships with IT service providers in order to anonymize service payments via uPlexa.

The idea behind anonymous service payments, is that your service provider cannot specifically sell your data to other companies or governments without knowing who you are, or at least who is paying for and/or accessing your account. This helps reduce the risk of impact by government spy programs and hackers, benefiting your OpSec.

Utilizing uPlexa to pay for your your phone, internet or other IT service bills, will be a step in the correct direction of preserving your privacy rights as an individual.


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AMD Vega56 58,800 h/s
AMD Vega64 54,600 h/s
AMD Frontier 54,600 h/s
AMD FuryX 28,000 h/s
Nvidia 1080Ti 25,200 h/s
AMD 570 19,600 h/s
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1 Putra
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2 1usdsoon
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3 TheAntiMonger
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4 eeeeeeeeee
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5 dp
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