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2ACoin is a secure cryptocurrency with privacy protection built-in based on the CryptoNote technology. 2ACoin is the only cryptocurrency in the world that is built to support Americas Right - To Keep and Bear Arms, as written in the 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

AMD EPYC 7601 6,500 h/s AMD EPYC 7551 6,450 h/s AMD EPYC 7501 6,400 h/s Intel Xeon Pl 8180 5,100 h/s Intel Xeon 8180 5,000 h/s AMD EPYC 7451 4,860 h/s

2ACoin mining pools

Pool name Merged Fee % Pay Min Mh/s
Blockfoundry.org N/A 0.5 5 0 0 Active 37 min ago Visit pool
Coinscripts.online N/A 0.5 10 0 0 Active 31 min ago Visit pool
p2poolmining.us N/A 0.25 5 1 0.0011 Active 19 min ago Visit pool
Codpool N/A 0.8 10 1 0.0092 Active 10 min ago Visit pool
2acoin.org N/A 0 5 9 0.031 Active 4 min ago Visit pool
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2ACoin markets

Currently unknown. Please visit the 2ACoin website and find out more.

2ACoin details

Symbol: ARMS  
Algorithm: Cryptonight-Lite V7  
Total Coin Supply:  17.91 million ARMS  
Block Time: 90 Seconds  
Block Reward: ~7.5 ARMS (smoothly decreasing)  
Difficulty Retargeting: Every Block  
POW Mining: CPU/GPU (ASIC Resistant)  
Pre-Mine: 1.791 Million ARMS (10% NRA Support)  

About 2Acoin  

2ACoin was designed and developed to support the American Right to "Keep and bear Arms" as set forth in the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights established on December 15, 1791. 2ACoin includes a pre-mine of 10% of the total available coins (1.791 million ARMS) that will be disbursed to the National Rifle Association (NRA) over the next 10 years.

The NRA has been on the forefront of ensuring our freedom and right as defined by the 2nd Amendment.  2Acoin has been established to help fund the NRA's efforts!

Mission Statement

Ensure the preservation of America's 2nd Amendment Rights as stated in the U.S Bill of Rights and ensure your privacy via cryptographic means.

2ACoin's focus is to provide funding to the National Rifle Association (NRA) via the technological capabilities provided by today's cryptocurrency market.


2ACoin is a secure cryptocurrency with privacy protection built-in based on the CryptoNote technology. Cryptonote ensures your privacy by using Ring Signatures and One-time Addresses for untraceable and unlinkable transactions.


We designed 2ACoin with a purpose to support the NRA and the American right to "Keep and Bear Arms!"

A pre-mine equal to 10% of the available coins will be donated to the NRA at specific intervals over the course of 10 years.


Untraceable payments, unlinkable transactions, double-spending proof, blockchain analysis resistant, egalitarian proof-of-work and adaptive parameters provide 2ACoin users the security they need in today's world.

AnnouncedFeb 2018
Forked from TRTL
Block time90 sec
Last reward6.57
Current height283442
2ACoin Algo Changes
CN Lite V707. Dec 2018
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