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Argon2 Chukwa

ArgChukwa Mining Algo Overview & Stats
Hashrate: 8.45 Mh/s
Coins: 10
Pools: 25
Miners: 104
Device h/s
Frontier 120,000
Vega56 110,000
Vega64 110,000
1080 110,000
1080Ti 110,000
FuryX 70,000
1070 70,000
570 59,000
580 59,000
580 8Gb 59,000
480 55,000

Coins currently using Argon2 Chukwa algo

Coin Hashrate Mh/s Miners Pools
ADON Coin0.7872

Coins previously used this algo

Coin Fork date Current algo
CPA Coin2021-01-06Cryptonight Turtle
NinjaCoin2020-04-05Argon2 Ninja
TurtleCoin2020-10-24Argon2 Chukwa v2
WrkzCoin2020-05-29Cryptonight Upx

Short info about Argon2 Chukwa algo

Chukwa is actually Argon2.

What is Argon2?

- Memory hard algorithm
- Source code is GPL-3.0 compatible
- Easily integrated into the core code, pools, etc
- Argon2 is the memory hard winner of the 2015 Password Hashing Competition (PHC).

Argon2 is also relatively unique in that it allows for a high-level of customisation in how the hashes are calculated including parameters such as:

- The number of threads to use (parallelism)
- Arbitrary resultant hash length
- Memory requirements (memory hardness)
- Number of iterations (time cost)
- The use of salts

Argon2d is designed to maximize resistance against GPU cracking attacks and accesses memory in a data dependent order. This means that the input data itself defines how the memory is accessed; however, it is susceptible to side-channel attacks

Argon2i is designed to minimize side-channel attacks and accesses memory in a data independent order

Argon2id is a hybrid between the two where Argon2i is used for the first pass over the memory and Argon2d is used for each pass after that

The Argon2 IETF RFC draft recommends the use of Argon2id.


Miners supporting Argon2 Chukwa algo

Miner Supported OS
BLOC GUI Miner Windows, Linux, MacOS
SRBMiner Multi Windows
CryptoDredge Windows, Linux
XMRigCC CPU Windows, Linux
XMR Stak Windows, Linux, MacOS
XMRig CPU Windows, Linux
Teamredminer Windows, Linux
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