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Cryptonight Haven

haven Mining Algo Overview & Stats
Hashrate: 2.06 Mh/s
Coins: 1
Pools: 6
Miners: 205
Device h/s
3090 2,650
3080 2,400
Frontier 2,000
3070 1,750
Vega56 1,550
Vega64 1,550
2080Ti 1,450
EPYC 7501 993
EPYC 7551 993
EPYC 7601 993
2080 990

Coins currently using Cryptonight Haven algo

Coin Hashrate Mh/s Miners Pools

Coins previously used this algo

Coin Fork date Current algo
Haven2018-07-19Cryptonight Haven

Miners supporting Cryptonight Haven algo

Miner Supported OS
BLOC GUI Miner Windows, Linux, MacOS
SRBMiner Multi Windows, Linux
CryptoDredge Windows, Linux
SRBMiner Windows
XMRigCC CPU Windows, Linux
XMRigCC AMD Windows, Linux
Simple Miner Windows
XMR Stak Windows, Linux, MacOS
XMRig AMD Windows, Linux
XMRig Nvidia Windows, Linux
XMRig CPU Windows, Linux
CryptoGoblin Windows, Linux, MacOS
CN GUI Miner Windows
JCE CPU Miner Windows, Linux
JCE CPU GPU Miner Windows
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