Cryptonight Heavy

heavy Mining Algo Overview & Stats
Hashrate: 0.48 Mh/s
Coins: 7
Pools: 15
Miners: 102
Device h/s
Frontier 2,000
Vega56 1,550
Vega64 1,550
EPYC 7501 993
EPYC 7551 993
EPYC 7601 993
EPYC 7451 946
EPYC 7401 929
EPYC 7351P 818
EPYC 7301 759
Xeon Pl 8180 742

Coins currently using Cryptonight Heavy algo

Coin Hashrate Mh/s Miners Pools
Niobio Cash0.12413

Coins previously used this algo

Coin Fork date Current algo
Italocoin2019-03-04Cryptonight R
Ryo2019-02-16Cryptonight GPU
Sumokoin2018-06-03Cryptonight R
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