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Nvidia 3060

GPU mining device
Type: GPU
Vendor: Nvidia
Algo H/s
* only algos shown in Cryptunit are displayed. It is very possible that the device supports other algorithms.

Nvidia 3060 top coins to mine

Updated: 2023-03-22 04:35:04
Coin Algo USD/day BTC/day USD/week BTC/week
*Top 10 coins with 24h trade volume > 0.1BTC shown. Difficulty 24h Avg.

Recommended Miners

Miner Algos Supported OS
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XMR STAK RX4 Windows, Linux
GMiner3 Windows, Linux
NBMiner1 Windows, Linux
CryptoDredge10 Windows, Linux
ZANO Miner1 Windows, Linux, MacOS
WildRig1 Windows, Linux
Simple Miner15 Windows
Nanominer3 Windows, Linux
XMR Stak32 Windows, Linux, MacOS
XMRig Nvidia27 Windows, Linux
CryptoGoblin26 Windows, Linux, MacOS
WinXMR1 Windows
CN GUI Miner7 Windows

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